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To enhance our understanding and management of human disease, modern medical research increasingly relies on the analysis of large patient data repositories. The ISCIM Medical Computing Center focuses on phsiological data analysis, statistics and computing in human disease research, and translates research findings into clinical practice.

Topics covered include: computational strategies for personalized medicine, identification of disease types via analysis of electronic medical records, and case studies of complex human diseases.

The ISCIM Medical Computing Center is equipped with advanced numerical simulation methods for modeling and calculating the various parts of human body, ranging from molecules, organs, systems to the whole body, with the intention of building ultimately a holistic healthcare system.

To represent accurately complex physiological systems so that right decisions can be made at all levels, models are designed to analyze attributes of health and disease. For different kinds of customers, from patients to doctors, the ISCIM Medical Computing Center can provide the best strategies, which are based on the most advanced computing capabilities and methods.

Bio Feedback

Biofeedback is a technique that you can use to learn to adjust and control certain body's functions, such as your heart rate.

During biofeedback, the instrument helps you correct and restore the state of your body via stimulation by sound, light, electricity, etc.

Biofeedback at the ISCIM Medical Computing Center can help you make subtle changes in your body, such as relaxing certain muscles, and to achieve the results you want, such as pain relief.

Essentially, biofeedback is a new way of fine-tuning the body, often to improve a health or physical performance.

ISCIM Medical Computing Center Biofeedback Types

According to different health problems and goals, the ISCIM Medical Computing Center offers various biofeedback methods. Types of biofeedback include:

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Time-Space Medicine

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